Real Estate General Contractor

Zia Malik & James Morris


The Z Team

With 30 years of real estate sales & home building  experience, and more than 3 decades of experience in the Real Estate Industry, James & Zia are one of the  premiere real estate teams in the SF Bay Area. James & Zia understand real estate is more than a business; it is about helping people realize their dreams. We have studied the strengths and shortcomings of other real estate firms to form our business model, living by the creed “If the customer is happy, success will follow.”

Zia & James have experienced many market changes and cycles in Bay Area real estate. They are quick to recognize trends and adapt strategies to maximize opportunities. They embrace new technology for improving communication and doing business more effectively, while holding steadfast to traditional service values.

As a devoted parents James & Zia understand the importance of commitment. They give back to the community, investing in the future by making sure that children are given every chance to succeed. Accomplished business managers, employers, family people, Zia & James strive to be your real estate agent for life.

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